Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunshine and Gales of Wind

It's so windy (how windy is it?) it's so windy that our wind chime blew apart, the patio chairs tumbled away (I corralled them), and the rug by the door was in the middle of the lawn this morning. Needless to say, we're not going bike riding along the river today. I thought we might go kite flying but it's probably too windy for the cheap little kites we have. Guess I'll stay home and sew a little.

May 14--Don Simone Camaldolese, Initial C with St. Lawrence.

He holds a window
this puzzled-looking saint.
He holds it one-handed
as if to say, look here!
I will show you things.
He is richly robed,
the white silk
gleams in the light
streaming through,
glinting from the gold
braid and embroidered griffins.
Lawrence, you saint
of comedians, librarians, students,
miners, tanners, chefs, roasters,
take me through
your window.

Happy day!

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