Friday, May 27, 2011


I went to the chiropractor after work yesterday and, I gotta tell you, my left leg hurts like a son of a gun today. I have to say that the ache is in a different place than it was when I went in and I must believe that more adjustments will make it better EVENTUALLY. I also ordered new orthotics because Dr. Paula thinks that the rigid ones I have now contribute to my knee and back pain because they don't flex when I walk. God, I hope she's right. I was planning to mow today but maybe I'll give my legs a rest. A good thing about today is that it's the first of 5 days off in a row for me. Yay! It's like a vacation. I offered to work on Monday, I really did, since I lost out on 2 days' pay when Durwood was in the hospital week before last, but Mrs. Boss doesn't want to pay me time and a half or double time for working on a holiday, even though I wouldn't insist on that. I don't mind having the next 5 days off even thought I don't get paid for them, no I don't. My friend Cookie was talking about biking to Celebrate DePere tomorrow or Sunday to sit, knit, and listen to music. I might be tempted to join her if the weather cooperates.

May 26--Miguel Adrover, "I Love New York" dress. It's another one of those shabby chic things. The dress (if you can call it that) is very short with rips along the hem and the fabric looks discolored with age. The screen printing's scuffed like it's been through the laundry too many times, and the sleeves... the sleeves look like toilet brushes that have seen better days. I'm sure the designer donated it himself, I'm just surprised that they put it on display. Since when are rags art?

Can you tell I didn't like this one? Plus I was zonked.

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