Monday, May 2, 2011


Ah, honestly, I'm so over this chilly, windy and drab weather. It blew like crazy yesterday and today it's supposed to creep into the low 40s. Can you believe it? It's May, for cryin' out loud. Come on, warm up. I'm tired of my winter coat. I need to give it a rest so I can like it again in the late fall, LATE fall. I haven't even put the snowblower away yet, although I probably will tomorrow, if it isn't pouring rain, that is. The forsythia bloomed so that little part of the yard looks like spring and the grass is green, the bulbs are blooming, but the sky and the temperature is just not cooperating. *sigh* I'd better quit complaining and post last night's meager production so I can go to work and keep the world safe from scuba diving.

May 1--Retable with Christ, Saint John the Baptist, and Saint Margaret. Josh walked down the dusty path and through the woods to pick up his cousin John and John's little sister Margaret. Josh's mom and their mom were sisters and best friends. The children got along but Josh got tired of having Mags around all the time. Not that she wasn't fun to hang with but she was a girl and sometimes he just wanted to hand with guys. Today they were going fishing and that seemed like a guy thing to Josh.

Paltry, I know, but that's all there was last night. Enjoy your day.

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