Friday, May 13, 2011

Now Here's Today's Post

I'm such a goober but I didn't want to put two days' writing in one post this time. I want each day's writing separate so my Germanic core can be pleased with the nice orderly row of postings. Pitiful. It's still not reliably warm here. It was nice for a few days, warmer and sunny, but that's evidently too much nice for the likes of us. It's overcast, rainy, and barely 54 and supposed to barely break 50 the rest of the weekend. Isn't it supposed to be nicer in May? Didn't we open our pool on April 15 one year about 20 years ago? Now we don't even have a pool but I can tell you it'd still be closed if we did. Durwood's making chicken bengali tonight with brown rice and some fresh veggie and I can't wait. We bought the best, most flavorful curry powder at Penzey's so it's "to die for" good. Yum. And I picked up the last book of The Hunger Games trilogy on CD from the library and I'm loading it into my iPod even as we speak. Ooh, I can't wait to find out what happens.

May 12--Filippo Negroli, Burgonet (helmet). The contrast of steel and the fluidity, the delicacy of the design was what caught his eye. Jay loved spending hours in junk shops and antique stores. he pockets weren't deep enough for shopping in the fancy shops. He preferred the ones with stock piled in corners and drawers shoved under tables instead of boxes. The unusual always caught his eye and the helmet surely qualified. It had to be 16th century Italian; the mix of utility and art was one of the hallmarks of its age.

Okay, peoples, I'm off to dress (no, I'm not sitting here in my birthday suit, I just slipped on a sundress after my shower), eat supper and go to Friday Night Knitting.

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