Thursday, May 26, 2011

Windy and 50s

Tell me this means that it'll stay warm into October and November. Puhleeze. Windy I don't mind, chilly I'm so over. It's time to wear shorts and sit out on the patio to have my morning coffee and do the crosswords, not huddle in the kitchen in a hoodie and slippers. But I'm bundled up in a polo shirt and a sweatshirt, long jeans, socks and shoes to go to work again. I'll take a windbreaker too. I'm getting tired of my winter clothes.

May 25--Paul Cezanne, The House with the Cracked Walls. "There isn't enough spackle in the whole of France to fix that." Roger stood with his fists on his hips shaking his head. His wife jean stood beside him undeterred by his words. "Oh Roger, but isn't it just the perfect place?" He looked at the wreck of a house on its rocky sloping lot and shook his head. "It's a tear-down, hon, and I wouldn't give you ten euros for the land." Tears sprang into Jean's eyes. "What do you mean it's a tear-down? I want to fit it, not demolish it, and with property like this we'd never have to mow." She shook herself and climbed over the tumbled rocks that made up the yard. "You always look at the gad side of things." Roger stumbled after her knowing he was doomed to have to deal with construction on his vacations for years.

And now I have to make myself a lunch and get off to saving the world from scuba diving.

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