Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rain! Thunder! Lightning!

And the day started out so promising. It was quickly warming up when I arrived at the appointed address to meet 3 friends for a day trip to Door Co. It was by turns sunny then foggy then sunny again and finally threatening with lightning in the distance, but we made the most of the day. We drove to The Clearing for a walk along the bluff and down to the bay. Next we shopped a bit in the gift shop then went off to lunch at the Summer Kitchen. Mmm, homemade soup and bread. The weather was so nice that we sat out on the porch to eat our lunches. We zoomed down to Sturgeon Bay to make it to Spin before they closed at 3. We made it with 5 minutes to spare but the lady wouldn't give us even 5 extra minutes. I understand that she might have had someplace else to be but she could have been nicer to us. She snapped at us that she was only giving us five minutes so we left. Our next stop was Red Oak Winery in an old grocery store in Sturgeon Bay. They have 5 wine tasting flight for $5 that we took advantage of. There was lots to choose from and I even liked some of them! Amazing since I'm usually not a wine appreciator. Guess those tasting lessons from DS are working.

May 21--France, Limoges, Tabernacle of Cherves. Lyon slid her finger along the right side of the gilded metal box feeling for the catch that opened the secret compartment. She remembered the first time she had opened it. She had been sitting on her grandfather's lap and he had guided her tiny finger.

Sorry it's so short, I went to bed and almost immediately fell into a coma. I promise to write more of this story tonight.

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Aunt B said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Don't you love it when it's finally warm enough for lunch outdoors??? And homemade soup to boot!!!