Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm Glad I Mowed Yesterday...

because it's rainy. Again. It better not be rainy tomorrow because some of my friends and I want to take our first 2011 bike ride. I planned to slug around today anyway so I don't really mind the rain, it would have been nice to sit outside but that's not vital to the successful accomplishment of my day's plans. Hmm, maybe I'll go down and sew a shopping bag I found the pattern for since I can't play outside. I'm having fun playing with my new/used iPod Touch. I found an app (a free one) called Ant Smasher and showed the knitters last night. Soon there were 3 more touch screen devices emitting those squishy sounds. Too funny. My favorite use for it is to load in books on CD so I can listen while I knit or drive and I plan to load a lot of big band music and 50s rock for our drive out west in August. I have a feeling that radio out there will be country and not much else.

May 13--England, Opus Anglicanum (chasuble).

Red silk velvet
with gold and pearls
to the glory of God--
or the man?
Priestly devotion
begun in serge
and linen
comes to a pinnacle
of ostentation
that takes the place
of faith.

And with that I complete all my "should"s for the day. I'm off to goof off.

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