Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, Payday

That's how they get me to show up, you know, they pay me on Monday. In the olden days before Mr. & Mrs. Boss bought the store I got paid cash. It was very tidy with no check cashing bother but now I make more money and never work weekends, or seldom anyway, so I guess it's better. The wind has died down a bit and it's sunny but it sure isn't warm--the wind chill's 35! It's the middle of May, people, MAY. Why is it still so cold, huh? I'm confused. D'you think I'll still be in long jeans and a hoodie in July when I go to The Clearing? I was thinking I'd get to take my swimsuit and some shorts but the way it's going maybe not.

May 15--Don Simone Camaldolese, Initial C with Saint Lawrence. "Larry, stop trying to be a comedian," the shift foreman said. There were eight men crammed into the elevator cage as it sank into the mine shaft. The cage went down fast enough that they had to equalize the pressure in their ears on the way. By the time they were halfway through the fifteen minute ride the only visible light came from the single bulb on the cage's ceiling. Larry stood directly beneath it and once again he launched into his routine. He had a string of bad jokes and one-liners that everyone knew were his way of covering being scared by the long, dark ride underground but every one of his crew mates were ready to do almost anything to shut him up. The foreman's teeth were clenched and his fists bunched. He began to turn toward Larry when the light went out and the cage jerked to a stop. Oh shit, he thought, and dropped his lunch pail.

I'm glad I'm not working in a mine today--or any day for that matter. Stay hydrated!

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