Monday, May 2, 2011

In Which I'm Crafty

Remember that I bought those "tubes" of fabric the other day? I know you do. Well, I found this tutorial, ironed my tubes, cut some strips, and got to work. The making was not without flaw, I quilted the lining with the front and batting so I had to cut and install another lining piece (good thing it's an old sheet cut up) and then "someone" decided to put in a pocket and it ended up opening the wrong way. I solved that problem by turning up the other end and sliding the manual into the upside down pocket to act as a flap. Durwood says it still needs a piece of Velcro which it will get tomorrow or tonight, but I'm pleased.

I went to Mom's to help her fill out one of those endless forms for rent assistance. Honestly, they want to know everything and none of the questions are in plain English. The two of us together finally decided that we'd done an okay job and will copy everything we can lay our hands on that looks official and let them sort it out.

Once I got home I went out into the garden with the pitchfork (mwa-ha-ha-ha, I love using the pitchfork) and dug out the I-don't-know-what that had roots to China. It looked like skinny rhubarb but flat and the root was as thick as a broomstick. It broke off about a foot underground so I'm afraid it'll come back but at least it's gone for now. But I got a happy surprise when I looked around. It's the first asparagus spear of the year! (It's the purplish thumb-sized spear on the left, the others are last year's ends.) Thanks, Dad, for digging up roadside asparagus and planting it in the garden. It's still going strong.

I worked on the 2nd Bandwagon Blanket block and nearly finished it last night but didn't take its picture. I'll show you next time. I did finish the latest preemie hat, and this time I used actual baby-ish colors. It's rather cute, isn't it? I do love this pattern. Maybe one day I'll have a handy baby to wear one.

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