Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden Day

Today is planting day. I managed to rein in Durwood's enthusiasm so we "only" have 6 tomatoes to plant. We also have a yellow crookneck squash plant, two bell pepper plants, a Brussels sprout, and patty pan squash. Durwood had the idea to plant the patty pan and the Brussels sprout by the retaining wall. I'm afraid the rabbits will nibble on them but we're giving it a shot. What could it hurt? I planted the herbs and lettuces in pots for the patio yesterday after mowing. I think it'll be handy to have the herbs closer to the kitchen. I got two kinds of lettuce seeds, leaf lettuce and mini Romaine. I'm looking forward to it sprouting. It was a gorgeous, breezy day yesterday, today it's overcast and still outside. That'll be good for digging in the dirt. And I do like to get dirty.

May 28--Japan, Edo period, Buddhist Vestment with a pattern of maple leaves and fans. The silk felt cool as she put on the garment. Eddie had brought it home from his trip to Asia last spring and gave it to her. Adele thought he meant for her to hang it as art or have a dressmaker rework it but she preferred it in its original form. She thought about the small Japanese man who wore this. How the embroidery weighed down the fabric made it feel like clothing of significance. She shivered at the sensation of the silk on her skin and felt the aura of the Buddhist who wore the robe before her settle around her.

Maybe there'll be more tonight. That's what I'm hoping.

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