Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good Day Sunshine!

It's sunny, sunny, sunny today! Too bad I have to work all day but it'll still be sunny and I can look at it and walk around in it after work. Maybe it'll even warm up to 60. Oooh, wouldn't that be lovely? I'm happily back on the straight and narrow eating-wise and I'm working out regularly too. I'll admit that it was hard not to turn into the ice cream cone stores I passed on my errands yesterday, and I was amazed that my regular routes pass them quite often, but I was tough and resisted temptation. Yay, me. I feel better, except for that knee I hyper-extended last month which still hurts and actually hurts more (along with other assorted body parts) because I'm going to the chiropractor twice a week to make it better. Soon I'll be alllll better, I'm sure of it, or something else will hurt or ache more and I'll get used to the knee thing. Oh! I got asked to do some more interviews for The Clearing's member newsletter and I said yes so, those who were concerned, I'm not totally abandoning writing after all. Mom told me yesterday that my grandma would be proud because she could write well, that made me feel good.

May 3--Egypt, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, Journey to Abydos, Tomb of Pairy.

The relentless Ra
beats breath out,
lungs string to draw
in the hot wet air.
The funerary barge glides
across the Nile,
east to west with the orb,
following the natural
arc of life.
A relative of the Queen
begins his journey
in the underworld.
She follows, her kohl-lined
eyes fixed on the oarsmen's
rippling backs in the sun.
She thinks of life,
its fascination in the face
of eternity.

Life and death. I'm always eager to celebrate life after a funeral, aren't you? I figure that's what wakes are all about. Life.

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