Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I don't know how many other Virgos are reading this but today's hit me square between the eyes. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept.22). You definitely have your own mind. Many will try to predict your next move; none will succeed. I totally burst out laughing when I read that. It fits me to a T. I'm pressed for time today so we'll segue right into the writing. It's a work day, you know.

May 10--Southern Netherlands, The Unicorn in Captivity. Lilith loved to play in Aunt Cele's library. The floor was covered by a thick red rug with a diamond of white and gold flowers in the center and the walls were covered with shelves of books, except for the wall between the tall windows. That wall held the unicorn tapestry. When she was little Lilith cried that someone had put the unicorn in a pen but now that she was eleven she understood that it showed a fantasy. She had decided to call him Ulysses and she talked to him when she was in there going through the books. She loved the big old atlases that Aunt Cele owned. She especially liked the drawings of sea monsters eating ships that decorated the edges of the oldest maps. She had started copying the flowers that surrounded Ulysses on the tapestry and seeing if she could identify them. By the middle of the summer she was on her second notebook and she had quite a few specimens drying between sheets of newspaper pressed between the pages of a few of the heavier tomes. That afternoon she pulled out an old dusty volume with beautiful hand-colored pictures of wildflowers, each plate protected by tissue paper, and tucked inside was a folded square of waxed paper with five small brown seeds in it. They felt oddly heavy for their size. She looked up at the unicorn and said, "I think we should plant these, Ulysses, and see what grows."

Lovely child. Nothing good will grow from those seeds. You can bet on it. Gotta run.

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