Thursday, May 19, 2011


OMG, I can't believe that it's overcast and drizzly again today. Have we angered some weather god? Do we need to dance around a bonfire under the full moon? Oh, drat, that was Monday night, now we'll have to wait a whole month. I meant to look it up on Monday night but I was a little distracted... anyway, the May full moon is called the Milk Moon or the Dragon Moon, Planting Moon or Panther Moon. Take your pick from Colonial American, Chinese, Cherokee, or Choctaw. To Celtics it's Bright Moon, for the English it's Hare Moon, and Neo Pagan's call it Grass Moon. There. Now you're armed for whichever bent you are drawn to. I know there's an app for phases of the moon, I need to download it so I'm on this in better time next month. I do love me a full moon. And my iPod Touch. Thanks, Dusty!

May 18--Andreas Achenbach, Sunset after a Storm on the Coast of Sicily. The men in the skiff were relieved when the sun broke though the clouds. The storm blew out to sea leaving the water sloshing against the rocky shore. It had come on hard and fast, a strong offshore wind pushed the water high on the waves and rain fell like bullets, stinging their faces as they rowed toward the narrow inlet between the jagged boulders in the shallows. Morgan's beard streamed with rain and every time he called out an order the rain threatened to drown him where he stood in the stern and the wind snatched the words from his lips.

Well, I'm glad I'm not out there in that storm. Mist I can handle. Survive your day.

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