Saturday, May 28, 2011


I stepped out the patio door this morning to plug in the fountain and nothing happened. I unplugged it and tried again. Still nothing. So I took one more step only to see that the bowl of it was empty! Only rocks. Evidently it has a hole. Dammit. It was level for once, too, and running well from the get-go. Seems a trip to Stein's is in our future for a new pot, this one without a hole. With the threat of intermittent rain this weekend the bike trip to the music fest in DePere is off. Rats. The newspaper blames La Nina for our intemperate weather. Seems she's keeping the jet stream low so that cold Arctic air can filter down and spark tornadoes and storms. Not exactly what we're wanting. The farmers are thinking they'll never get the crops in. Foolish baby girl.

May 27--Canada, Tsimshian, Raven Rattle.

Little redman rides
on the back of the Raven,
his tongue stuck out
jeering at the poor creatures
stuck on the ground. Raven

carries the dog-faced redman
for the Tsimshian shaman
over the coastal rainforest. Shamans

use the great black bird
to spread prayers
over the land. Strong

feathers push blessings
floating on smoke
from cedar fires.
Songs of healing

spiral in the rising
voices of the singers
that circle the fires.

Huh. I like that better as a poem than prose. Nice images, if I do say so myself. Happy holiday weekend.

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