Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sucking It Up

After walking this morning I went to the birdseed store and then broke out the vacuum. I've been waiting to vacuum until Durwood ran an errand so the dust I kicked up wouldn't bother him. His allergies have been really driving him crazy this year so I'm trying to be nice and not irritate them. He went to the store to get some fresh salmon for supper so I asked him to shop slowly so I could run around the house sucking up all the dirt and dust. You know, I don't really like vacuuming but today I didn't mind it, in fact, the dust was starting to bother me so I guess it was time. It was overcast and chilly this morning. Now it's still chilly but it's sunny. We passed a lady on the trail this monring who asked, "is it ever going to get warm?" We both shrugged and kept walking. Who knows?

May 23--Door County, The Clearing.


Cathedral of trees
barely leafed
warming in spring sunshine

Narrow aisles

along the bluff
views of water,
sky unmarred by clouds

Congregation of four
the deeper they penetrate
the sanctuary

Now I need to find out what kind of tree we saw this morning. It has leaves and needles. Anyone got a clue?

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