Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday but I forgot my notebook when I went to work and then when I got home (after 9 PM) Blogger was in the shop so I couldn't sign in. I tried and tried and tried, until 11:30 I tried but had no luck. I was up early (6:30 AM) trying again but still no luck. Now that I've spent most of the day helping Mom go through her clothes and taking 6 big bags to Goodwill, and coming home to mow the lawn, take the clippings to the yard waste, get gas for the lawnmower, and shower, I can finally get on and post. My neighbor and renter, Mario, a young man from Guatemala was mowing his side of the lawn and offered to help me when he finished. Of course I said yes, then we took all the clippings and he borrowed the weed eater and trimmed. Wasn't that nice of him?

May 11--Vincent van Gogh, Oleanders.

Like a held breath
the book lies next to the
vase of oleanders
waiting for your return.
Dust motes rotate
in the shaft of sunlight
set in motion
by your departure.
Your fragrance lingers
around the broken-spined book,
the soiled tablecloth.
Too many hours
spent apart.
Too much longing
for one lifetime.

I'd forgotten how good mowing makes me feel. And it smells great too.

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Aunt B said...

There was a big article in our newspaper this morning about a woman attempting to get organized by getting rid of 100 items in her house!!! Sounds like you accomplished something close to that over at Maralee's the other day! Good for you!!