Thursday, December 20, 2018

Today I Made It To The Y

I walked the circuit for 15 minutes and then walked on a treadmill for 15 more minutes.  Not too much but better than sitting on my duff.  Tomorrow I've got an appointment for a Smart Start assessment so that a trainer can work out a program to help me strengthen the parts I want strengthened and hopefully make my ex-broken ankle stronger in the process.  Fingers crossed.

Tonight was the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild December dishcloth exchange.  We have an abbreviated meeting, mostly announcements, then Show & Share, snacks of which there were lots of really good ones, and finally we have the dishcloth exchange.  We all bring a knitted cloth, someone reads a story that has words that we shift the cloth on, like tonight an elf named Lefty had trouble doing things right so the cloths shifted left on his name and right when that word came up.  Here's the one I ended up with.  It's very Christmas-y and I like the pattern.  I wore my Dollar Tree headband along with jingle bell earrings and my Christmas Chuck Taylor high tops.  Only one other knitter wore a Santa hat.  I was surprised that more people didn't Christmas up a bit.  A couple people had Christmas sweaters or tees on.  It's a party, you guys, party up!

This morning I baked cookies.  I read in an Allrecipes magazine the idea to bake your cookie dough in a round pan so it comes out looking like one big cookie.  I bought two cartons of premade dough at the grocery a couple weeks ago so I had the idea to use a small scoop and alternate peanut butter and chocolate chip in the pans.  It worked!  Except for forgetting that glass pans cool much more slowly than metal ones which caused that cookie to break apart.  Oh dear, I guess I'll have to eat the evidence.


When I opened the shade this morning I noticed that one house down the block still had snow almost all over it.  Most of the lawns are bare and the clumps around the edges are melting too.  It was raining this morning, for crying out loud.  How is it that this yard has snow on it when all the others don't?  I'm going to look at the Garden of Lights at the botanical garden on Sunday and there's no chance there'll be snow but it'll be pretty anyway.  And maybe we won't freeze like we usually do.


The first open flower of my new Christmas cactus fell off yesterday but there's another one open today.  Hooray!  It's very pretty.  I wonder if I can keep it alive and figure out how to make it keep blooming.  I usually have zero luck with this type of plant.

20 December--Titian (Tiziano Vecelli), Raphael and Tobias.  Toby held Rafe's hand and looked at him with such trust that Rafe's words caught in his throat.  Rafe and Toby's mom, Sara, had been dating for a few months.  Sara got called in to work and couldn't find a sitter.  Rafe volunteered even though his experience with kids was limited.  How hard could it be to amuse a five year old for the day?  Now, two hours in, he thought that if he could survive the constant barrage of questions he'd be okay.

I like the name Tobias.  Funny, there's a character named Tobias in the audiobook I'm listening to right now (To The Hilt by Dick Francis) and there's an angel, Raziel in the ebook I'm reading (The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore).  Raziel is kind of like Raphael, don't you think?  I want to thank LMC for reminding me how much I like Christopher Moore books when we were at The Clearing in October.  Laughing is good.  Look!  It's not even 10 o'clock and all I have to do is slap the photos on here, post it, and I can be in bed long before midnight.  Go, me!

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Aunt B said...

Tradition is served! You look just like your mother in your Christmas headband. That dishcloth from the exchange is very pretty and Christmas-y. And that one snowy yard in your neighborhood???Mysterious. Those big cookies are a great idea -- even broken -- and you know they'll get eaten.