Saturday, December 29, 2018

Sunshine, Snow, and Sparrows

It was sunny this morning shining on the fresh white snow that fell yesterday afternoon.  The blue sky and bright day meant it was about 20 degrees out there.  Brr.  That didn't bother the flock of sparrows that comes to breakfast here or the chickadees that have discovered the seed wreath I hung from the eaves.

The most exciting part of the day was the Zambaldi Brewing groundbreaking.  DS and DIL1's two-year-long crusade to get all the parts of the project aligned finally came together so this morning we all gathered at the site along with all 3 local TV stations, the village chairman, the county executive, and the state senator, plus the builder all showed up to extol the virtues of their dedication and to say how thrilled they all are to finally have the building starting.  Hopes are to have the doors open next summer.  Durwood would have been so proud.  I confess, I cried a bit on DIL1's mom's shoulder when the kids and grandkids put on hardhats, picked up the gold shovels, and dug a little sandy dirt.

Missing him kind of took up the rest of my day.  I paid some bills, texted a friend or two about inconsequential things, and ate crap for supper.

I did manage to knit the foot of the Woodland sock and started the toe decreases while watching a few episodes of Maine Cabin Masters.

That's it.  I didn't toss anything today or write a prompt last night so there's nothing more to report.  I'll perk up soon, at least a little.  I promise.

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Aunt B said...

A bittersweet moment for you. Of course you were thinking about D as the shovels were turned to start the culmination of that dream all you Malcolms shared these past years. He would have been bursting with pride -- just as you were -- even though a little teary. But what a great turnout! All those important people showing up for the big moment. Congratulations to the "kids."