Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Last Post of 2014

I know I sound like a broken record but don't you think this year has zoomed by?  Parts of it I'm glad to see go but otherwise all I see is a blur with 2014 stamped on it.  Granted, I'm probably slowing down and that's why time seems to fly but I feel like I'm missing good stuff at this speed.  *shrugs* Whatcha gonna do?

I saved a couple more eggs from freezing when I went over to give the chickens some strawberry tops (that's the line I use to convince DS & DIL1 when I've "stolen" a couple eggs).  The chickens especially like fruit, they're not such big fans of broccoli stems and Brussels sprouts bottoms but I figure, hey it's winter, you get what fresh foods you can, so buck up, chickens.

I whipped up another easy-clean bib last night since the first one I made Santa put in LC's stocking.  I've got flannel receiving blanket remnants from making burp cloths so I'm using those for the backing, diaper cover fabric for the front, and soft Velcro (did you know that the "cro" in Velcro is for crochet?  me neither, I just learned it on Jeopardy!) for the closure.  This is one easy, fast thing to make.  It might become a go-to shower/new baby gift.

How cold it is this morning?  It's so cold that there's a rime of frost around the heated birdbath water. Brrr.

December 31--House of Worth, Evening Dress.  Miss Ellen's shoulders were covered.  Gabriel was disappointed.  He had spent all day dreaming of the creamy white skin that curved from her slender neck to the soft roll of her shoulders.  He imagined planting a row of kisses along that curve and feeling her shiver with delicious sensation, but when she came down the staircase he saw that, while it didn't have a high neck, her evening dress covered her shoulders.  Perhaps he could nudge her sleeves a bit during a spirited polka later in the evening.

Are you going out celebrating tonight?  We're going to stay home and stay warm, maybe have a drink or glass of wine.  Happy New Year's Eve, everybody!  Stay warm and stay safe.

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Aunt B said...

Frost all over the place down here too. The deck looks all sparkly and Paul just took a pan of water out to splash on the windshield of the car so he can go to the gym. He's starting the new year right!!! I'm starting it by having a second cup of coffee while I try to think of something to fix for breakfast.