Sunday, December 14, 2014

I'm Melting, Melting...

No, actually it's not me that's melting, it's the snow.  In fact, it's gotten so warm (and foggy) the herb pots unfroze from the patio so I could move them this morning thereby removing step 1 of the squirrel's path to the peanut wreath.  Durwood will keep watch today to see how the peanut-thieving tree rat reacts to the change.

Day before yesterday someone posted on a friend's Facebook page a recipe for Lumps of Coal.  It's like Rice Krispie treats only you crush up a bag of Oreos and stir those in instead of the Krispies.  I had to make them.  I don't have a big food processor so I used a Ziploc bag and a rolling pin to crush the cookies.  I had bigger pieces and the (lard and powdered sugar) filling didn't mix in quite as well so I had to use a spatula to scrape off the stuff that stuck to the bag, but I made it, actually managed to be patient while it cooled, and it's excellent.  I still like the original Rice Krispie ones too, not the Scotchie ones so much, or even the peanut butter ones (I do love my pb&j, though), but these won't go to waste.  They may not make it to next weekend.

Have you noticed the surge of doodling books, etc. on the crafty web and in craft stores?  I have.  I confess I've always wished I could draw so I've spent a bit of mad money (not too much) for some pens and pencils (I already have watercolor paper cut into postcards so I didn't need to buy card stock, and we have a bandsaw so I can make it whatever size I want--god, I love power tools).  I watched a bit of video the other night and tried it.  I think I like it.  Once the Christmas craziness is over (soon, please god, soon) I foresee wasting a few winter afternoon playing with lines.

Speaking of Christmas, one evening last week I assembled some craft supplies I already had to make some ornaments.  I got these clear plastic ornaments on super-clearance at Michael's a few years back and I had beads and jump rings and split rings, so I put them all together to make these.  I like 'em.

December 14--Kolman Helmschmid, Portions of a Costume Armor.  The armor fit Kirk like it was made for him and it probably was.  His brother-in-law Seth was a metal artist and what Kirk wore was too well-made and too ornate to be off the shelf armor from a costumer or one of these people with a one-inch ad in the back of Renaissance Today! magazine.  Seth had a booth at the faire this weekend, right beside the turkey leg booth.  The smell of hot metal from his portable forge clashed with the aroma of roasting poultry and he swore he'd pay extra next time he did one of these faires.  He asked the turkey leg wench to watch his booth while he went over to the jousting field to cheer for Kirk.

I smell Nueske's bacon frying.  I have to go now.  We're having bacon sandwiches for lunch so that the bacon we bought a while back doesn't spoil.  We're self-sacrificing martyrs like that.  Toast would go well with the bacon, maybe a slab of sharp cheddar.  I am so outta here.  Toodle-oo!

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Aunt B said...

Remember those clear Christmas ornaments Marl made? With white crocheted "snow" on top??? I have two of them along with that snowflake mobile she made. Always think of her even more when I get out all the Christmas stuff. Especially the creche scene. Glad you could move that pot and I hope it thwarted the squirrels!