Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Mother Nature couldn't sustain the gray and rainy for long.  By noon it had colded off enough to make freezing drizzle which quickly became little flakes.  We lucked out and the roads didn't get too slick and by the time I rolled the trash bin to the curb we had a decent coating of snow, nothing that needs shoveling, but a bit of white to brighten things up.  I heard a rumor that we might have sunshine by Friday but today I'm settling for a pink and orange sunrise, which means that the clouds are thin enough to let a little light through and that makes me hopeful.

I worked on Old MacDonald's pig yesterday and by 8:30 PM she had a face (to remove her resemblance to a boob) and by bedtime, 10:30 or so, she was stuffed and ready for ears, stubby legs, and a tail.  I'll get there today.  I can't decide which animal to do next, maybe the duck because it looks a bit less complicated than the cow.  Or maybe I can find a simpler cow pattern.

December 17--Paul Gauguin, Still Life with Teapot and Fruit.  The last mango kept rolling away out of the arrangement.  Time after time Paul would catch it and gently nudge it next to the other five mangoes but before he had picked up his pencil to begin a sketch it would be on the move again.  The sixth or seventh time he put it back he slammed it to the table, it split in a fountain of sticky juice and pulp but that time it stayed where he put it.

I was so glad to see a Gauguin without bare-breasted Tahitian girls sullenly glaring out of the picture.  I was in despair that he'd spent all his time there ogling the young women, the perv.  I'm off to work and it's cold again so on go the layers--longies, undershirt, wool socks, jeans, long-sleeved tee, sweater, fuzzy-lined boots, and a shawl or scarf or cowl, and that's aside from my winter coat and 2 layers of gloves.  Man, I'm cold this year, and it's not even officially winter yet.  Later, dudes and dudettes.


Carrie Bloomston said...

Hi! Congrats! You won the giveaway of my book, The Little Spark, over on at my giveaway. Send me your address and I’ll send you your book!

Happy Holidays to you-

Aunt B said...

That little pig could have been a boob if not for those eyes. Looks like you were a winner from this first comment. Congrats!