Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fraternal Twins

Well.  I finished Two-Needle Mittens pair #1 last night and, while they're the same size (and I'm so impressed that I managed that feat), they don't match, although they came from the same skein.  Seems like I'll be knitting Mitten #3 to see which of these first two it matches better.  I have no illusions that I'll be making an identical twin but it'll surely at least look like it came from the same mother.

No one at Friday Night Knitting really talked a lot about it being the last night we'll meet at Harmony Cafe.  I was surprised.  I also thought that "old" members would come, one did, but not even all the regulars came.  Guess the holidays got in the way.  Understandable.  Next Friday night we'll be in the classroom of Joann Fabrics & Crafts on Oneida St.  It's in the back left corner of the store, if you want to join us.  All are welcome.

December 27--Enea Vico, Three Friezes with Ornamental Foliage.  He dreamed while he carved and fanciful things grew from the end of his chisel.  A dragon was born from a lily and a flower's leaves became a man.  Gio stood, feet spread and covered in dust, letting a fantasy world flow from his fingers.

Today, this rainy foggy day, I will be playing in the sewing cave, making some more coasters and a few soup cozies.  What're you up to?


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Aunt B said...

We broke down and bought a new mattress yesterday. Neither of us can remember how long we've been sleeping on the old one so it was definitely time. I still want a new kitchen sink but that will have to wait. Kinda dreary down here in the Port City. After Christmas blahs I guess. Football today.