Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Christmas, Everyone!

Hey, did you know that today is Christmas Day?  It is, er, it was, well, it still is for a few hours but we're in recovery mode now.  All of the presents were opened and exclaimed over, drifts of tissue paper and empty boxes amused the smallest of the celebrants, and the pork roast only took AN HOUR longer to cook than the recipe said it would, but we snacked on party mix and English toffee and Gouda cheese until the meat was cooked so it was all good.  There might have been small amounts of beer, liquor, and wine involved in the coping until serving time.  (no, not all for each, a small serving of whatever's to your taste, geez, we're not lushes)  To go along with the pork roast we had roasted cauliflower, a glorious salad, and baked sweet or white potatoes (which I almost forgot to serve, thanks, Durwood for noticing the big blank space on the plates).  For dessert we had pumpkin pudding with crushed gingersnaps and Reddi Whip on top.  And I didn't take a picture of any of it. 

Oh, and last night around sundown the lights on the top third of the Christmas tree went out and I can't figure out how to make them go on again but the tree wasn't the focus of today, spending the day with our family was.  It was great to have everyone (except SIL1, we missed you) here for the day, to talk and laugh and tease.  The crocheted animals were a big hit as were the coasters I sewed for each family.  They're a snap to make with charm squares or 5" squares you cut yourself, 6 for each coaster.  You lay them atop each other in a certain way, sew around the edges with a 1/4" seam, and then turn them right side out and press.  Voila! coasters.

Last night before bed and this evening after things quieted down I worked on Two-needle Mitten #2.  This is an excellent old pattern that goes quickly and makes a darned nice mitten.  My knitting friend, HH, picked it up at her church where they have a mitten tree.  Thanks, HH!

December 25--Turkey, Four Gospels in Armenian.  In the dream she lay wrapped in a purple cocoon half on the sand, half on the water.  On the water, not in the water.  Below her the Magi paddled along holding their gifts above their heads.  They had far to go and the star wasn't moving.  An imp with sharp fingers hunched at her feet, ready to poke her if she moved and over her head a comet-tailed man sailed across a river of fire.  In the cool night sky four angels hovered ready to catch the Child while the Magi's camels looked in the window.  Clarice awoke with the covers wound tightly around her and a sour taste in her mouth.  Tacos at midnight were a very bad idea when you were in your forties.

I hope your day was filled with joy and laughter and that the dishes are done.  Merry Christmas.

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