Monday, December 1, 2014


I looked at the pictures I took at the zoo the other day, thinking about how many different animals we fed.  That's when it occurred to me that by the time I put my gloves back on I had sheep, goat, alpaca, deer, and giraffe slobber on my hands--and the hand cleaning station was closed for winter.  That meant I had all that mixed animal slobber in my gloves.  Mmm, they smelled a little gamy.  So yesterday I got out some wool wash (because of course I have white wool gloves) and gave them a little bath.  Much better.

Yesterday I also made another batch of cooked cranberry sauce.  See, we'd finished the batch that was made for our Thanksgiving feast on Saturday but we didn't feel done eating it, so I made more.  Have you ever made it?  When the cranberries cook, they pop.  Yeah, like popcorn, then the sauce gets that gorgeous shiny red color and it jells as it cools.  Oh, and I did try a spoonful of cranberry sauce (sauce, not relish) with my pumpkin pie and I like it.  The sweet and creamy pumpkin custard is enhanced by the tart piquancy of the cranberry sauce.  I made a pot of turkey carcass soup with carrots, onions, celery, green beans (no, not the Campbell's Soup casserole ones, plain ones) and a cup of leftover gravy.  It's pretty darned good.  Lunch will be Thanksgiving-y for the next couple weeks and that's not bad.

The clouds were extra pretty when I was out filling birdfeeders yesterday afternoon and when I turned around from filling the squirrel corn I just had to take a picture of the setting sun.  I hate that the sun sets so early (this is barely 3:30 pm and already the sun's that low) but since today's December 1 I know that means we've only got 22 more days before the days start getting longer.  Woohoo!

I forgot my notebook at home and was too busy to blog before I left so there's no little blurp of story today.  Try not to be too disappointed.  I'll try to do better tomorrow but I make no promises.

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Aunt B said...

I cannot understand why people don't like real cranberry sauce instead of the canned kind. It is sooooo good. And so easy to make! What's wrong with everybody? Except us, that is!!!