Friday, December 19, 2014

Stick a Fork in Old MacDonald's Pig...

she's done.  I finished her last night while the party mix was baking.  Attaching those four pig legs was just as putzy as crocheting them but I did it, and I made sure to use a long tail woven in and around, back and forth so someone who is nearly 1 year old can play with her and not pull anything off.  Grandpa was most concerned about that, he was kinda cute (and kinda annoying) about it.

Speaking of party mix, mmmmmmm.  It makes the kitchen, the whole house, smell heavenly of Worcestershire sauce and toasting cereal and it's so tempting to dip a Dixie cup in for a taste before it's even cool.  (now who would do that?  guilty.)  Durwood was very casual about mentioning that he'd finished his bag of Cheetos yesterday so I kind of HAD to make the party mix last night or be a Scrooge, right?  I'm enough of a Scrooge lately so it was an easy fix, besides I had to sit at the table sewing on pig legs and the curly tail so I might as well pop up every 20 minutes for 2 hours to stir the party mix.  Multitasking at its best.

I only had a couple customers at work yesterday but Mrs. Boss came in to take up the slack with Christmas decorating and data entry tasks and fact-finding phone calling, I even stayed late to finish the data entry so all is ready for when the NEW new POS system is installed.  We can't keep the old one, it's just too buggy.

The sky was breathtaking this morning when I nipped out to fill up the birdbath, or it could have been the bitter cold that took my breath away.  Whatever the cause, look how pretty the dawn was, and in only four more days the dark will start shrinking and the light will begin expanding.  We made it!  The solstice will come and life, and light, will be on the upswing.  Woohoo!

December 19--Joyce Growing Thunder Fogarty, Tobacco Bag.  The beaded deerskin bag hung next to Uncle Len's cabin door as long as I remember.  When I was real small he let me put my doll in the bag to carry her around the one-room house.  I liked to play house up in the loft where he kept his trunk from his Navy days and a few other things from what he called "the olden times" before he came to live in the cabin by Clark's Lake.  The only time Uncle Len got really mad at me was when I braided the fringe that hung from the bottom of the deerskin bag.  It took him hours to untangle it and he scolded me the whole time.

Okay, then.  Now it's time for me to gobble a bowl of Cheerios and then I'm off to meet Lala and go to the movies.  It's a sunny day and I'm excited.  Cheerio!

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