Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Am Not Looking Forward To Today's Weather

Right now it's 42 degrees and raining.  By noon the temp is supposed to drop into the low to mid-30s and the rain will turn to snow--AND the wind is supposed to pick up.  This is not my favorite weather for mid-December.  I'm not a big fan of shoveling snow or windblown snow but I have to say I like it better than rain and then icy roads.  Also the melting snow has exposed all the leaves I didn't rake a few months back, I don't really want to look at them.  One of the local weather guessers said last night that we might get snow on the 23rd into the 24th, which is just great for having Christmas snow but not so great because DD is driving up from KY on Christmas Eve.  Fingers crossed that the roads cooperate because there's nothing worse than highway driving in bad weather.

I started on the second Old MacDonald animal at work yesterday.  Yeah, yeah, I know what it looks like right now but, trust me, it's going to be a pig.  Oink, oink.

Today might be tree-putting-up day if I can muster up the enthusiasm on this dreary wet day, although it could very well brighten it up.  Time will tell.

December 16--Walker Evans, Brooklyn Bridge, New York.  The cables looked like a giant spiderweb from where Sadie lay.  She could hear water washing on rocks below and far away car horns.  She didn't try to move, she just lay there watching birds fly by or land on the black wires.  Her arms and legs felt heavy and it was too much effort to try to move.  Footsteps came near, paused, and then moved away.  She didn't call out or turn her head to look at the walkers.  Vibrations surged through the metal she lay on.

I feel like a nap may be coming on.  I seldom nap but today is so gray and dreary I might make an exception.  Are you ready for Christmas?  I'm sure not and I refuse to count up the days.

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Aunt B said...

Sounds like you have a case of the botts! Hope you got around and put your tree up. That could cheer you up. I'm not going to remind you that Christmas is right around the corner -- ready or not!!!