Friday, December 12, 2014

Not A Bad Day

On my rounds today I stopped to feed "the ladies" our bag of carrot peels and broccoli stems and look what I got to have.  This time of year is not a great laying time (not enough daylight) but DS said I could have any eggs there were today.  The blue egg is from Kiev and the pinkish-white one is from Henny 2 who is their best layer.  Durwood always teased me when we were first married that I should raise chickens and he'd let me keep the egg money and I'd tell him I'd never, never ever keep chickens.  Well, don't ever say "never, ever" because I could very easily have a couple chickens, I find I quite like them.  Don't hold your breath, I'm not getting them anytime soon, maybe never, but it's a fun idea I like to entertain, especially when the Cadillac of henhouses is on display at Sam's Club in the spring.

Last night was the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild's holiday party and potluck.  There was all kinds of good food.  I took meatballs in BBQ sauce made with grape jelly (don't make a face, it's not bad) that were pretty popular.  There was also some cold veggie pizza, shrimp, hummus, some delicious black bean and avocado salsa (I didn't bother with the chips I just ate it with my fork), some pasta salad, cheese and sausage, chocolate cake, delicious bars, gingersnaps and BH brought homemade bread with butter and honey from her own beehives.  So good!  We all ate too much.  Then VJ read a knitter's lament and we passed around our dishcloths every time she said the word "the."  There were lots of "the"s and lots of laughs, and I ended up with this pretty one.  I have to find out what that stitch is.  I thought at first it was garter but it isn't and I really like it.  Thanks, KE.

At work I had to unscrew the backs of the rental consoles to record the serial numbers and there's the handiest little Black and Decker cordless screwdriver there.  It's pistol shape and sits in a charger, and it's a wonder tool.  If I hadn't just spent $40 on 2 new batteries for my current cordless tools I'd put that little beauty on my Christmas list.

Yesterday Durwood watched the feral cat slink across the back of the yard.  He called me at work to reassure me that it isn't starving, in case I was worried.  I know it's doing a good job because the few bird seeds I spilled last week when I filled the feeders is still there and that means Senor Pussycat is taking care of the backyard rodents.

December 12--Arthur B. Davies, Landscape with Cows.  The sky was that bright blue that epitomizes sky like the sky blue crayon every kid grabs first.  Reefs of white clouds drifted on the jet stream far overhead.  On the ground a herd of all-white cattle grazed across the field in ranks mimicking the clouds.  A copse of cottonwoods made a jarring dark green counterpoint to the endless white-dotted blue.

I smell that Durwood's starting to make supper.  I found a recipe for a chicken Parmesan casserole that we're using as a springboard to a supper casserole that fits the ingredients we have on hand.  Should be excellent because we're quadrupling the veggie portion.  How come so many recipes leave out veggies?  This one didn't even have onions, you can't make supper without onions.  At least not around here.

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Aunt B said...

Wish I'd been at that Bay Lakes Knitting meeting/party. Sounded like quite a spread!