Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gray & Dreary

That's today.  Well, this morning anyway.  I went out to fill the birdbath (I have a responsibility to keep it full and slightly heated, birds need water in winter too, you know, and once you start you have to continue) the air felt biting, like frost was forming on me as I stood there.  The clouds are thick enough that the sunrise was just a lightening of the gray and it's damp enough that there's a thin foggy frosty look to the air.  God, I love living here.  Ack.  Actually I do but it's the gray and dreary I'm not so much of a fan of.  Sunny and cold I can deal with, gray and overcast and cold not so much.

I made a little shawl/wrap progress but most of what I did at work yesterday was data entry.  I sat at the desk computer in the back room with a stack of invoices and put them into the old POS program for the big switch over which I guess is happening around the end of the month.  I didn't figure you'd want to see a picture of that. Today I get to crawl around and find the serial numbers of the Rental BCDs (buoyancy control devices) and Rental regulators we've got on clearance sale so that when we sell them we don't have to scramble, making the customer wait, especially since in order to find the dive computer serial number you have to use a screwdriver to remove the back of the console.  So I'll get that done and entered today.  I'm not taking a picture of that either.

Tonight is the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild's holiday potluck and dishcloth exchange.  Instead of drawing names or doing anything too complex each member makes a dishcloth (quick and easy) and then someone reads a funny knitting riff on 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and every time a certain word is repeated the cloths get passed around one way or another.  When the story is done you keep the cloth in front of you.  Some of the cloths are fancy and some are plain but they're all great for washing dishes or wiping counters or grandkids' mouths or feet.  I love 'em.  I remember each one I've gotten and think about the knitter who made it when I use it.  I also have my "dish to pass" all packed up and ready to go.  I WILL be taking pictures tonight, you can count on it.  Oh, I'd better get my bigger, better camera in my bag.  Be right back.

I got a haircut after supper last night but I'm not taking a picture of that.  I slept on it and right now I look like Medusa's ugly stepsister.

December 11--Jean Dupas and Jacques-Charles Champigneulle, History of Navigation. Tally wanted to sail to the places on old maps where it said, "Here Be Dragons."  She was sure that they wouldn't have been able to put that there if it wasn't true.  Mrs. Reedy, her teacher, and her older brother Charlie told her those were places where no one had been when they drew the maps so they put in pictures of big sea serpents...

And that's when the Sandman conked me on the head and dragged me off to Dreamland.  I vaguely remember Durwood taking away my pencil and notebook and telling me to take off my glasses but that's it.  I promised to stop at Aldi on my way to work to get Durwood a pomegranate so I'd better go do stuff so I can.

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Aunt B said...

Wintertime! I feel like Christmas is tomorrow and I'm not ready!!! Wrapping gifts to mail is on my "To Do" list today -- big time! No shirking!!!