Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yarn-y Doings

We had a little snow last night after supper but it didn't amount to much more than a dusting so I'm ignoring it.  It's also in the mid-20s, which I know doesn't sound moderate or even bearable to those of you living in warmer climes, but trust me, this isn't bad for Wisconsin in early December.  It's a little below normal but not anywhere below normal like it was a few weeks back.

I cast on the second Two-Needle Mitten the other day but I also got the US17 needle tips from Knit Picks.  I attached them to the 40" cable I had and tucked them into my bag because I told myself I'd finish the Fast Hat and the second mitten before I let myself cast on the Landscapes Wrap.  I lasted until last night after supper before I snagged the bag o'yarn on my way upstairs and cast on while watching TV with Durwood last night.  I'm paying for not waiting because I had to cast on 3 times (135 sts each time) because I didn't leave a long enough long-tail for the cast on AND I do believe I screwed up row 3 *head, slap* so I do believe I'll be frogging it once again to see if I can't get it right this time.  I think I'll use a row counter for the first few rows until the pattern (plain ol' stockinette) is established.  *sorrowfully shakes head at self*

I'm using my new NEW Zoo mug for my coffee today to commemorate the absolute blast I had with DD and SIL1 at the zoo last Friday.  It was 10 degrees and snowed the whole time but we had so much fun and we had it almost all to ourselves.  I highly recommend the zoo in winter.

December 3--Flemish, Stained Glass Panel of a Knight and his Patron Saint.  George sat watching the colored patches of light on the page of his missal instead of listening to the priest.  He knew the Mass by heart so he only needed to listen with half an ear to follow along.  Wind tossed the leaves of the trees outside so the colors blinked and jumped on the pages like a code.

Hm, interesting.  I still hear Mass in Latin in my imagination and am semi-stunned when I go and they're all speaking English.  I'd like a little mystery and majesty in my liturgy, thanks.  I'm off to work, time to layer on warm things.  At least it's sunny.  I like sunny.

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Victoria Jicha said...

Interesting about wanting a little mystery in your church service. I feel exactly the same way when I go to church and am bombarded with what my dear husband calls "Golly Jesus" music.

What was wrong with Bach, Palestrina, and the rest of those old guys?