Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thirty-Eight Years Ago Today...

Durwood and I got married, and I'm really glad we did.  If I hadn't married Durwood I'd never have gone to Malaysia or Singapore or Manila or Palau or learned to dive.  (Doesn't everyone want to dive?)  I'd have missed out on DS and DD and their lovely spouses and LC and that would have been a tragedy.  I'd never have gone hot-air ballooning one time if Durwood hadn't pushed me and then convinced me that "SCUBA diving is just like hot-air ballooning except quieter" and where would my life be without SCUBA diving?  Where would I be working?  Someplace boring, I'm certain of it.  So, thanks for proposing, Durwood, and thanks for being my best cheerleader and encouragement and traveling partner all these years.  I'd do it all again.

Today is going to be another one of those barely light, cold days that make it so hard to keep cheerful in the winter.  Thank god for broad-spectrum lights in every room, and for little white "happy" pills.

I did end up frogging the Landscapes Wrap at work, casting on again, and before bed I knitted through the first skein.  When your skeins are only 55 yards of super bulky yarn you don't get far but I have a plan to join another of the same skein so that the top strip is a decent width and then I'll use my judgement about when to add in the alternate color.  Naturally I only have 3 skeins of each color, the yarn's discontinued, and I want to knit it out of stash so no searching for more but I think I have a good plan and, even better, I think knitting this wrap might have given me an idea for a BLKG Design-a-Thon entry.  Finally.

I saw these at Walmart the other day.  Would you have been able to resist?  I couldn't.

December 4--Josiah Wedgewood and Sons, Portland Vase.  Max brought the vase down hard on Henry's head as soon as Henry stepped through the storeroom door.  Henry collapsed on his face and lay unmoving, blood pouring from a three-inch gash over his right ear.  "Head wounds bleed a lot," Max muttered, dropping the neck of the broken vase and stepping over Henry's body.  "Serves you right for being so nosy."  Max resumed packing Native American artifacts in cotton wool and fitting them into his briefcase.  As small as they were, the little stone carvings fetched big money on the black market.  There were more than enough collectors willing to keep their mouths shut in order to own something so rare.

I feel a bowl of oatmeal coming on.  Happy St. Barbara's Day!  (No, really, it is.)

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Aunt B said...

Perfect that St. Barbara's Day is the same as your anniversary. So even if it was dreary weatherwise, just thinking about that day 38 years ago had to make you happy. So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and HAPPY ST. BARBARA'S DAY to boot (a day late but no less heartfelt)! Love you.