Monday, December 15, 2014

Old MacDonald's First Animal

You don't know this, but Old MacDonald's big at my house.  It's the song I sing to LC when we're changing pants or just playing, because of all the fun animal sounds, you see.  So I thought it'd be fun to make some soft farm animals to give her for Christmas so when we (I) sing the song we can have some audio-visual aids.  I started to make this chicken with white yarn, which is what the pattern shows, but as I know very well there are no white chickens in LC's backyard, so I went down, found this brown and tan yarn and got going.  It didn't take long, maybe 4 hours all told.  One down, three to go.  Wish I'd had this idea sooner but I'll get there.  Never fear.

I was feeling pretty bah humbug-ish yesterday, also pretty sorry for myself in a general way since it was soooooo dim and foggy all day, only getting worse as the sun set, which slowed down the crocheting, but after supper I got my second wind or something.  I went downstairs and dug out Fifi Jr., got her stuck into the ground in front and tied her to the gutter so the wind wouldn't knock her over too easily.  She even lit up AND I knew where I'd put the timer so she can turn herself on and off.  Then I got busy and installed the three safety latches that were on my to-do list.  That's better.

Durwood kept an eye on the squirrel to see if moving those herb pots kept it off the peanuts.  It didn't.  Seems the little rascal can leap from the ground to the top of the suet feeder, from there to the top of that crook, to the peanut wreath crook, and then it's just a quick dangle for the prize.  Good thing I bought that 50# bag of peanuts in the shell when they were on sale.  But the Red-bellied Woodpecker managed to get in there between the squirrel depredations and the Bluejay raids.

December 15--Pierre-Louis Pierson, Photograph.  Keenan saw Eloise in a photograph before they met.  She was dressed for an evening dance with her red gold hair curled and twisted, tucked in back with combs.  She wore a cream satin, off-the-shoulder gown and a triple strand of pearls the same color as her dress.  The photographer had posed her in profile from the rear so Keenan could only guess at the shape of her mouth and the color of her eyes, but her soft pink shoulders drew him to her.  The invitation to assist the further slide of fabric off those shoulders made his palms itch to feel her warm flesh beneath his fingers.

It's really dark and dreary again today.  It was so dark when I got dressed around 8:15 I had to turn on the big light to see what shirt I was picking out.  One of these days the sun will shine again.  I'm sure of it.  It's just a week until the Winter Solstice so after that the days will start getting longer.  Thank. God.  Enjoy your Monday.  Ugh, Monday, but PAYDAY!  Almost all the snow is gone gone gone, there're just scraps of it where it was shoveled into piles, so it's brown and green out there along with all the gray in the sky.  Time to flee.


Aunt B said...

Love, love, love all the pictures today. That incredible knitted chicken!! (You are the ultimate grandma.) And all the ones of that peanut feeder -- the acrobatic squirrel and then the pretty woodpecker. Thanks for sharing the view from your back door.

Aunt B said...

P.S. Almost forgot the lighted flamingo. Too perfect up there in the cold, cold, dreary Northland.