Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dawn Bright

When I went out to nab the newspaper around 7 o'clock this morning I realized that the light was pink.  When I glanced to my left (east), this is what I saw, and I have to tell you that this is a pale reproduction of the real glory of the sky this morning.  Made up for it being about 10 degrees, sorta.

Last night the glory was on our supper plates because I used the last schnipples of the Thanksgiving turkey to make a turkey pot pie.  Turkeys would elbow each other out of the way to be in this pie if they knew how good it was.  The only hitch was I followed the recipe directions and cut it into 6 servings like I used to when the kids were home and we were eating more than we do now.  Eighths would have been better for us oldsters, but we'll manage to choke it down.  We're martyrs like that.

At Friday Night Knitting Circle, HH gave me a skein of sock yarn.  I don't know where she found it, maybe in Goodwill, but it's 1 oz. of Bear Brand Deluxe Sock and Sport, all virgin wool, Wonderized, anti-shrink, anti-matting (which means it's superwash in today's lingo) in a gorgeous rust red, and the price sticker says fifty cents.  I think it's a new sticker too.  I wonder what it cost when it was first for sale.

This morning Durwood noticed that the male Red-bellied Woodpecker had stopped at the peanut wreath for a snack.  I managed to snap one shot through the window and the screen before it flew off.  We love seeing it.

December 7--The Netherlands, Carefree in Poverty.  The fire felt good.  Claire's shoes and socks were soaking wet and she felt like her toes would never be warm again.  She hung her coat over the back of a wooden chair and pulled it closer to the fire so it would be dry in the morning.  Everything smelled like wet wool or wet dog, it had been too long since the last dry and sunny day.  The dampness had settled in and even her nightly mug of cinnamon-orange tea didn't chase the chill completely.

Today is the 73rd anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  It doesn't seem like it could have been that long ago, it happened only 10 years before I was born and I'm only... oh... I guess that makes sense since I'm 63 years old.  Who is this old woman that has stolen my body?  Today I'm installing safety latches on all the kitchen and bathroom cupboards and drawers because someone is exploring and we want to keep her safe when she's here.  It's a lot harder than it used to be to pop up from sitting on the floor to get another latch or screw or tool.  I didn't make it to doing laundry yesterday so I guess I'd better toddle down the stairs and get that going.  Can't be seen in dirty clothes, can I?  Enjoy your Sunday, even though the Packers aren't playing today, they're playing tomorrow night... which means I get to drive across town after work right into the stream of cars heading to the stadium.  With any luck people will get there early enough and I'll dawdle at work a bit so everyone'll be tucked safely into the stadium by the time I get to Oneida St. and Ridge Rd. which are the danger points.  Whew, glad I got that figured out.

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Aunt B said...

Lots to do this week. Seems like Christmas is right around the corner and I still have gifts to buy, wrap and mail! Good thing I like to shop but when I don't know what I'm looking for, it could be dangerous. That's when everything or nothing looks right!!