Thursday, December 18, 2014

Almost There

I almost got Old MacDonald's pig (oink!) parts all done yesterday but, tsk, I had to work at work.  Can you believe it?  People actually came into the store and bought things.  Didn't they realize that I have yarn work to do?  Evidently not.  So after supper I sat myself down on the couch to watch The Chase that we DVR'd on Tuesday night (we love quiz-type shows, they make us feel smart--sometimes) and got to work.  I got the tail made but crocheting those little pig legs is one putzy job so I only got three done before I fell asleep at the hook and took myself off to bed.  I'll get the last one made sometime today and get her assembled so I can move on to the duck (quack!)--or cow (moo!).  I might have found a slightly simpler cow pattern.

I just realized that one week from today is Christmas Day.  I don't have the tree up.  I don't have party mix made, although I have the ingredients.  I don't even have the ingredients for English toffee bought yet.  And I have things pinned but not sewn.  (Never mind what they are, nosy.)  This coming weekend's going to be one whirlwind of a weekend.  Good thing I'm meeting Lala in Sheboygan tomorrow to go see Mockingjay, Part 1 (eeeee!) and eat a greasy brat or burger at the Charcoal Hut while we cram 6 months of face-to-face visiting into an afternoon.  That will power me up for a full Xmas push on Saturday and Sunday.  I'd better warn Durwood.

December 18--Thomas Eakins, Mrs. Mary Arthur.  Mary sat slumped in her chair, red yarn trailing from her knitting needles to the basket at her feet.  She needed to finish one more pair of slippers before Christmas which was barely a week away.  The light was fading, the short, late autumn day quickly turning to night as she dozed.  She fell right into the middle of a dream populated by giant spiders and floating wraiths.  Her hands fought the tangle of the dream spiderwebs and she woke with a start, her needles on the floor and her slipper unraveled in a tangle in her lap.

I was surprised and pleased to see the old woman dressed all in black in the portrait had her hands busy knitting something with red yarn, an excellent choice so close to Christmas.  Well, I have to go work again today, there'll probably be those Christmas shoppers interrupting my knitting again, but I'll go.  Plus I hate having people holler at me or be disappointed in me.  *sigh*  Stay warm.  It looks chilly out there.


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Aunt B said...

Oh dear!! Mrs. Mary Arthur sounded like you -- falling asleep with your knitting in your hands. Good thing you didn't unravel that cute pig!!! Have fun today with your friend, lunch and the movie.