Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Live in the Capitol of Drear and Drizzle

It's warm here.  Warm is nice, but warm also means thick cloud cover and today it also includes complimentary periods of drizzle.  *sigh*

Yesterday I got most of the Old MacDonald's Cow parts crocheted at work, finished up the last few this morning, and started putting parts together.  I'd be farther along if I hadn't sewed the first spot and ear onto the mouth end of the head instead of the head end.  *double sigh*

Once I snipped the ear and spot off the cow's mouth (how would she chew her cud???) and started sewing it in the right place I put it down (time out) and made the English Toffee.  Man, that smokes up the house.  I had the range hood fan on as fast as it'd go, the ceiling fan on zoom, and the patio door open, and managed to get it made without setting off the smoke alarm.  I consider that a triumph.

It's time to gather up my grocery and errand list and forge into the wide world of last-minute shoppers.  I just have a few items to get so I think I'll be okay.  I'll stay on the fringes of the mob and weasel my way to the front for what I need.  Like I said, it isn't much so I think I can get in and get out safely.

December 23--Paul Klee, Temple Gardens.  The setting sun cast orange-gold shadows on the buildings around the plaza.  Gillian knew it was 6 o'clock because the bells in the old stone church were tolling the Angelus.  Old women in black with scarves tied on their heads shuffled up the church steps in shoes broken down at the heels. Gillian refused to feel guilty for sitting with her glass of cold, crisp wine.  She ignored the looks of disapproval she got as the old women hobbled by.  Her skin tingled from the hours she had spent on the beach but a cool shower had taken away the salt and sting.

So, it's in two days.  Are you ready?

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Aunt B said...

I can't figure out that cow but I'll wait until it's all assembled. For now, it looks like a bumble bee!! Enjoy that English Toffee. We still have some left from when I made it before Thanksgiving. But we aren't sharing it!!! Heading off to Winston in about an hour. Have a wonderful Christmas. Love and XXXXX.