Monday, December 22, 2014

Into The Light

There may only be a few seconds more light today but we are on the upswing.  Yesterday was the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, so today it's officially winter (and we're supposed to get rain).  Now we get to become one with our boots and hats and scarves and mittens and heavy coats for three or four (or five in a bad year) months but it'll be getting lighter longer every day.  Ahh.  Right now, at 7:50 AM, it's barely light enough to cross the room but it'll get better.  Soon it'll be all bright this time of the day.

I spent most of the afternoon down in the cave sewing the Christmas sewing, I even cut out and sewed a bib for LC since the knitted ones, while cute, don't really do the job, not enough coverage and not snug up under the chin.  I got this cute fabric a couple weeks ago (it's what they make diaper covers out of) and I had some flannel that I'd cut up and hemmed part of for burp cloths so I cut them out and sewed them up.  Easy peasy.  Naturally I couldn't find any Velcro for a closure so I had to go to Hancock (with my coupons) to get some.  And didn't I find a couple pieces of fabric I needed?  Of course I did.  I always check the drapery/upholstery flat fold area because I love making bags, etc. out of it and darned if there weren't these two that had to come home with me.  I also found a nice, sturdy, wire & webbing storage bin for someone small's toys but I didn't take its picture.

I made a bit of Old MacDonald's Cow progress but it's only seven more rows bigger than this so I didn't take its picture.  The next rows are the decrease rows then I get to make her spots, then her legs, then sew her all together.  I've already made her ears and horns.  I hope she has a tail.

December 22--P.H. Holmes, Violin.  "I hate having that little girl looking at me," Katherine said.  Mr. Stravinska shook his head.  "She is not looking at you, Katerina, she's just listening to you make your music."  He picked up his baton and tapped the measure where she should begin.  "Now, go on."  Katherine drew in a deep breath and began to play.  She tried not to look at the girl's face carved where most violins had a scroll but then her fingering was off and her notes were sour.  She was convinced she saw the wooden upper lip curl as if the carved girl sneered at Katherine's distress.  There was no way Mama and Papa could ever afford to buy her a different fiddle.  Maybe she could tie a ribbon over that stoic, staring face.

At Friday Night Knitting LB brought each of us a little wire creation she calls a Wire Whimsy. She and her daughter used to make them to sell at craft fairs.  Mine is a card of buttons and a thimble.  Isn't it cute?  I'm taking it down and pinning it to the bulletin board over my sewing machine so I can see it all year instead of just on the Christmas tree.  Off to work I go, my sole day to work this week.

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Aunt B said...

Love that little wire whimsy thingie. Too cute to only come out once a year. And a violin with a face on it??? Who ever heard of that???