Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Well, That Didn't Work

Remember I was so excited that it looked like putting hot sauce on the peanuts kept the squirrels away?  Remember that I hot-sauced a lot of them and filled the peanut wreath with them?  Well, Durwood called me at work yesterday to say that one of the squirrels was on his third peanut.  Grrr.  My only hope is that it eats enough that elimination is as hot as ingestion and that deters them/it.  Squirrels are mammals, right?  That means they should have taste buds, right?  Maybe this one likes hot stuff.  I just asked on Bing, some people say hot stuff deters them and others say it doesn't.  I'm not buying any hotter stuff but I was so sure I had them tricked.  A male cardinal posed on the platform feeder this morning for Durwood.

I was busy at work yesterday so I didn't have time to knit and after supper I did crossword puzzles so there're no pretty yarn pictures to show you.  I've been doing errands all day so I didn't do any knitting or sewing today either, at least not so far.  I did find out that we are not welcome to move our Friday night knitting to the hospital lobby where there are comfy couches and a fireplace.  Not only are the main doors locked at 8 PM but their liability insurance won't allow it.  I get so frustrated that people sue so easily so everyone has to cover their butts against it.  People need to assume responsibility for their actions and not look for someone to blame.  I haz spoken.  *nods firmly*

December 30--Childe Hassam, Surf, Isle of Shoals.  The water in the little cove swirled around the small rocks, making the seaweed dance.  White foam hissed on the beach pebbles and chilled Elaine's toes as she stood watching for Dave to round the point.  The water seemed to mock her with chuckled and gurgles as it drew back only to surge in again, each time advancing another inch or two up her calves.  Dave was overdue and he was usually the most punctual of men.  He had left around one o'clock for a paddle around the point and up the coast to Minnie's for a beer with the fishermen.  He said he'd be back by four and it was long past.  They'd had a stupid argument this morning about whether to buy a new or used car.  Was he staying away to punish her?  She should call Minnie's to see if he'd left.  No, maybe she should wait until closer to sundown.  He'd never let her forget it if his cronies ribbed him about his wife checking up on him.

Man, it's cold today.  We got spoiled with temps getting up toward 40 for the last few weeks and today the thermometer in the van told me that it was 9 degrees.  Nine!  Degrees!  Brrrr.  Is it any wonder that I bought another 3-pack of wool hiking socks when I was in Sam's earlier?  It's not like I don't have a drawerful of them, it's my feet, they're freezing.  More socks is a good thing.  Later, dudes & dudettes.

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Aunt B said...

It's impossible to thwart the squirrels. You're fighting the good fight but I think they squirrels are going to win!!! Chilly down here too but there's a big difference between "chilly" and what you have up there. That's definitely "cold"!!! Stay warm.