Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Holy Mary, it's cold.  Not quite as cold as it was on Tuesday but close enough, and it was snow-flurrying earlier.  Guess it really is winter.

We didn't go out last night, we're too old for that.  I splurged on a T-bone that we'll grill tonight to start 2015 off right.  I might even guts up and grill it outside.  Steak tastes so much better over charcoal than under the broiler and I'm a hardy Wisconsin girl plus I have a big coat and lots of wool hats, scarves, and stuff... yeah, I could grill out.

I got all the decorations down and the house sort of put back together.  This is the time of year when I really want to rearrange the furniture or toss out all the dishes and towels and furniture and start fresh but I don't because that would cost way too much and make Durwood extra crabby because of the expenditure.  He's a saver, he's the ants in this relationship, I'm the grasshopper.  (remember Aesop's Fables?)

Mrs. Boss is off on a cruise so I'll be working extra days over the next week and then at the end of January she's off to Fiji for, like, 2 weeks so I'll be working extra days then too.  I'm at the age when I value time off almost more than the money but I'll enjoy those fatter paychecks to start the year off.  Still won't be enough to totally redo our house though.  I've got big ideas and nowhere to go with them.

January 1--Ken Laffal, Lily Pad.  Julie lay on her belly near the edge of the pond, her chin propped on her folded hands.  The water was as smooth as glass, reflecting the blue sky and passing clouds.  She loved watching the water striders skate on the surface tension of the water making tiny dimples in it with their little flat feet.  A dragonfly landed on a lily pad flashing its iridescent rust and blue wings in a spot of sunlight.

Instead of buying an art gallery Page-a-Day calendar this year I dug out a photo stock book I had cut into quarters with the band saw a few years back and I'll be picking a page every night.  It'll be something different to write about, the art was getting repetitive.  Enjoy the beginning of 2015 and every day after.  Bundle up! Stay warm!

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Aunt B said...

I agree that grilling that steak outside is the way to go. Sooo much tastier that way. That only happens down here if it's warm or at least not really cold! Paul isn't brave about getting out on the deck to grill and I never do that. I do, however, love whatever comes off the grill!!! Happy, Happy New Year. Can't wait to see what you write about in 2015!