Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cold & Sunny

It was cold up in Door County but Friday and Saturday at least it was sunny.  On my way up I stopped in Sturgeon Bay at the yarn shop, Spin, because I was certain that theirs was the only public bathroom open, and then it would have been rude not to buy something after using the facilities.  (good rationalization, don't you think?)  I think it's my knitter's duty to check what's in their 40% off baskets when I'm in town.  Look what I found!  Two skeins of navy 100% baby alpaca, 3 skeins of copper (orange) 100% baby alpaca, 9 skeins of Mississippi (brown) 100% baby alpaca, and a set of US #17 DPNs (bigger than the biggest ones I had).  I'm telling you right now that whatever I knit with this yarn is for me and nobody else, it's like touching a cloud.

We had great food at our writing weekend (I forgot to take pictures) and my bread was very popular.  I took along 3 loaves and brought home 3 slices.  By that I'm guessing they like it, and Durwood likes it too.  In fact, I have another loaf in the oven right now.  Three slices is not enough homemade bread for Durwood.  Me either.

I had a bag of peels from a couple pineapples and some not-ripe-enough-for-fruit-salad blueberries so I stopped to visit "the ladies" on my way home.  They like fruit.

January 11--Tom & Pat Leeson, Giant Panda.  Nothing is ever really black and white, not even Ling Ling the giant panda Andrew and Kate were looking at in the China exhibit at the Millennium Fair.  "Look at how golden brown its forehead is," said Kate, "it's belly too."  Andrew clicked his tongue. "You'd think they could wash them up before letting them out in public."  He turned away, towing a protesting Kate behind him.  "But I'm not done looking at them," she said.  "I didn't pay $35 a person to come in here to see dirty animals.  We're getting our money back."  Kate stumbled over an uneven brick in the walkway and jerked him to a stop.  "You'll do no such thing," she said, "I'm tired of your boorish behavior.  Either lighten up or take a hike."  The sound of the backhand slap he gave her resounded around the plaza.  People stared and a pair of sober-face policemen elbowed through the crowd.

Mm, that baking bread it starting to smell really good.  Nighty-night.

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Aunt B said...

Can't blame you for snatching up that yarn. It looks beautiful and I'll take your word of it that it's as soft as you say. Of course, it should all become something wonderful for you!!! Glad you had a nice little "escape"!