Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Swatching Fer Reals

Last night after supper Durwood and I got the yarn I think I'll need for my BLKG Design-a-Thon idea #2 all moved from hank to yarn cake/ball and I cast on the "fer reals" swatch.  This is my first time to marry stitch with edge and I've only had to rip it out and start over once so far.  (counting's hard)  I still need to get idea #1 cast on and moving.  It'll be pretty much of a coast once I get it up and running (she foolishly says aloud), but it's the getting it up and running part that seems to be a problem. I'll dedicate part of Saturday to that pursuit.  Cross my heart.

This here fan of pages is why I'm not getting any knitting done at work.  I know it doesn't look like 4 weeks worth of work but if you only knew how many times I have to repeat a process, step by step, over and over, to get it boiled down to its essence so that each process is distilled to "do this, then that" so that we can make it work without looking like maroons.  I really think I'm closing in on having learned enough and set up enough that I can go back to my work-knitting time--and stop tearing my hair out in frustration at my continued inability to learn things as fast as I think I should.

It's getting lighter earlier each day and I'm not catching that prime sunup moment.  This is from just outside the patio doors at about 7:30 and while I love the light, it's not that ultimate daybreak instant.  Good enough, though, since I am loath to go out in my undies, hoodie and slippers when it's this chilly and I'd be out front in the driveway.  (I can't be bothered with pants until after my stint on the treadmill, pants make me too hot.) The neighbors do not need to see that early in the morning.

January 28--Stephen Wolf, Many Monuments/Statues Available.  The weather hadn't been kind to him.  Years of exhaust fumes, pigeon droppings, and the freeze and thaw of life in the latitudes above 45 degrees North showed.  His surface was pitted and discolored.  One of his ears and his left arm were gone.  Still Gillian loved him at first sight.  She measured him and asked his weight.  Too heavy for her to move alone but the dealer offered free delivery so he was hers.  By the time he was delivered by a pair of men with more muscles than conversation she had cleared a spot for him in her garden.  She gently twined morning glories around his calves and hung a bird feeder on a branch over his shoulder.  Within a few days she was pouring her heart out to him as she weeded and deadheaded around him, and by the time a week had passed it was as if he had always been there.

Here it is, after 8 o'clock again and I need to go find breakfast and get dressed so I can go battle learning new things yet again.  *sigh* My brain's starting to feel like mush.  Did I say that yesterday?  I might have.  Well, it's still true so I'm not deleting it.  Later, dudes and dudettes.

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Aunt B said...

You are doing great learning that complicated computer stuff. Paul called yesterday morning to get me to email a big video thing to one of his customers. It was impossible for me to figure out "just put it in his drop-box" (drop-box??? I never heard of that). I ended up in tears after somehow deleting it completely and it's never been found. I am not part of the modern world!!!