Monday, January 26, 2015

Duck Parts

Saturday afternoon and evening, and all of yesterday our internet and landline phone was out.  No amount of cursing and rebooting of modems did a darned thing.  I called the cable guys on Saturday evening and the customer service tech guy agreed that something was amiss but the earliest time he could get a guy over to check the lines, etc. was this morning.  Turned out to be a defective modem so the guy replaced the new one we had with a new new one and we're up and running.  Good thing the cable wasn't affected because the Pro Bowl was on last night and Durwood's a football fan.  No need for both of us to be frustrated and cranky.

Have you ever bought a knitting pattern book or a decorating book or a cooking book for just one thing that you wanted to make?  I have tried not to, tried to use the library's collection if I could, but sometimes you just have to spend the money.  Last Friday MW brought a box of knitting and craft books for us to sort through and take if we wanted them.  Free books!  I found the 2 in the picture plus another one I had already taken to Office Depot to have it coil bound (it's only $3.50 and makes it so much easier to knit out of) but each book has only one pattern I want to make.  I suppose I could just tear them out but I can't tear up books.  Magazines, yes.  Books, no.

I got all the duck parts crocheted but not put together yet.  I think it's going to be cute.  Old MacDonald's farm is getting more livestock.

There was a good sunup this morning.  I like the blue sky.

January 26--Lightscapes, USFX-11.  The phases of the moon were the engine of Lena's life.  The new moon, nights when no moon showed at all, made her feel like hiding.  The light has gone out of living, she thought as she swathed herself in wispy gray and black shawls to ward off the dark chill.  The waxing moon brought more and more cheer as the cold blue light became brighter and brighter.  She was at her best, her most creative when the moon was full.  Her steps were light and her spirits drank up the force of the tidal pull of the full moon.  She walked in the light of that moon feeling her batteries recharge with every step.  The waning quarters left her more and more drained as each night passed, the moon's face nibbled away until a mere eyelash of light, narrow and sharp, hung high in the western sky.

All-righty then, time to quit procrastinating and get to work.  Every Monday I hope that week will be the one in which I learn enough new computer stuff that I can stop spending every working minute trying to retrain my brain.  My brain's getting tired of stretching to let all the new stuff in.

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