Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter Hawk

Durwood and I joke that we provide a hawk buffet, especially in the winter.  Our raft of feeders attracts all sorts of birds which attracts a couple different hawks.  Yesterday Durwood was thrilled to see a Sharp-shinned Hawk land on a feeder crook and watch for its opportunity to dive into the birdie tree after one of the birdies hiding inside.  He didn't say if the hunt was successful but it sure is amazing to watch it unfold before your eyes.

I get to see a tamer side of nature.  This morning a well-behaved squirrel sat and nibbled at the corn feeders in back and the badly-behaved squirrel scaled the Slinky-wrapped crook and leaped to the peanut wreath, hung upside down to wriggle one out, and then sat with his back to us to eat it.  The yin and yang of your average Midwestern tree rat.

It's snowing today, but not enough to shovel.  It's the kind of snow that looks like someone in Hollywood's idea of Christmas snow--medium-sized flakes falling in near slow motion with no wind.  The last time it snowed Durwood captured a picture of this miserable bird at the birdbath.  I think it's a mourning dove but I can't tell.  Look at that, it's so miserable the other bird is zooming off.

January 13--Lamarr Clifton, Yosemite National Park, California.  The water rushes down the canyon so hard it shoves rainbows into the air.  The water roars and bullies its way over boulders the size of SUVs.  Marley knows that no one would hear her if she yelled as loud as she could.  On this side of the river the rocks are dry and the footing is good.  She reminds herself to keep an eye on the wind direction.  A slip could mean a broken ankle and no one would ever hear her cries for help.  Enough wildlife comes down to drink that she's sure a broken ankle would put her at the top of the menu for the local grizzlies.  She shoulders her pack and heads up toward the treeline.

It's a nice-ish day and I'm off work.  I have a crap-load of errands to do but I'm not fussed.  I do, however, wish I was sitting next to this mug of tea and looking out this window.

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Aunt B said...

Have you read "Wild"? Your little story about Marley at Yosemite reminded me. That hawk looks formidable.