Sunday, January 18, 2015


I cast on the next mitten yesterday afternoon.  (of course, I did)  I'm using some bulky yarn that Lala found when she cleaned out a closet and one size smaller needles but the same Quick & Easy Mittens pattern I got at a one-day class where I learned to make mittens that looked like Muppets.  Hey, I've only got a few rounds made, I should go look for some novelty yarn for the hands of these mittens.  I'll do it.  Later after I get home from lunch with friends.

A couple weeks ago JM Facebooked me a link to Teespring which is a place to have shirts made of your own design but also a place for crowdsourcing special message t-shirts.  This was the one offered and they needed to have so many ordered in order to print them.  I ordered a hoodie and it came on Friday.  I'm wearing it today.  It's snuggly and warm and fuzzy inside and I might not take it off.  Ever.

AT emailed me a blog post about the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild Design-a-Thon the other day.  I figure it's what she would have said to us at the January meeting that was sadly cancelled by a snowstorm and slick roads.  I know that this bunch of hardy Wisconsin women wouldn't have been deterred by a mere snowstorm but bad roads took it over the top so the meeting was cancelled.  It was a good, safe decision but it pushed back the whole Design-a-Thon thing a month.  I was thrilled that AT sent such a thorough post and it made me get out my design notebook, the yarn I'm planning to use, and the stitch dictionary with the stitch I plan to use to create my masterpiece.  Thanks, AT, that was a much needed nudge.

January 18--Bill Westheimer, MI.1144.X  Layne lay in the grass and reached her hand up to the sky.  Puffy white clouds floated in the bright blue.  She enjoyed it until she realized that she could see the clouds through her hand.  She jerked her hand back and rolled onto her side to get her hand out of the sun.  She peeked at her hand held close to her belly and it looked all right.  She couldn't see the clover or her purple shorts through it.

I know you're wondering--the shrimp primavera Durwood made for supper was delicious.  I'm off to Sammy's for pizza with AT and VJ.  I swear I'll vacuum when I get home before I sit down and knit.  Cross my heart.  Talk to you tomorrow.

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Aunt B said...

Love your hoodie. I'm a sucker for any "statement" (literally) anything -- tee shirt, hoodie, plate, etc. The Packers broke my heart yesterday afternoon. I'm sure the entire city is draped in black!