Friday, January 9, 2015

A Quickie

No, not that kind of quickie.  I'm packing to leave in about an hour so I won't be writing my usual epistle, just a quick post.

It snowed about 3" yesterday and that snow on top of the compacted snow on the roads and the too-cold for road salt to work temps the last week, driving was hairy.  So hairy that the Knitting Guild meeting was cancelled.  Boo.  But it was a smart decision.  We'll learn to thrum next month.

Realizing that I'd be driving into the wilds of Door County for the weekend today and knowing that my old LG flip phone didn't get service in Door County I climbed on the Walmart website yesterday morning, found an AT&T Go phone that works up there and picked it up after work.  The (young) lady in the store got it up and running for me and then I spent an hour and a half on the phone with a young woman in the Philippines getting my old phone number transferred.  She assured me that there was a website that would guide me through transferring my contacts but, guess what, my old phone is too old for that to work, so I spent about an hour transferring them by hand.  Good thing I don't have that many friends.  Right now my new phone is smarter than me.  I'll be the one with the orange and white manual in her hand.

Now I have to scarf down a few cheerios, bundle up, load the car, snowblow the plow drift at the end of the driveway and run away from home until Sunday afternoon.  No blog post tomorrow, The Clearing doesn't have wi-fi on campus.  I opted to stay in the loft which means carrying my things up and down what is essentially a ladder but it's got the best view in the place.  


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Aunt B said...

Hope you take some pictures while on your runaway! It's got to be beautiful up there. But you'll miss the football games! Maybe that's one more reason to run away!!! Know your hubby will be tuned in as will your aunt down here in the Tarheel State!