Thursday, January 15, 2015

Spooky Dawn Moon

Around 6:30 this morning I nipped out to nab the newspaper (alliteration, anyone?) and glanced up to see the half-moon through creepy clouds and the branches of a bare maple tree.  Naturally I scampered for the camera and took a shot.  An hour later the sky looked benign with battleship gray clouds and peachy-pink streaks of sunlight.  See what a difference an hour makes?

Last night I whipped up a batch of lentil soup (sorry, forgot to take a picture) and was knitting on the Choco-Cherry Hat that I started last weekend while it simmered.  I laid the hat on the table and said, "this looks big."  Durwood, the biggest headed person in the family, said, "yeah, it does," tried it on and said, "it's a little loose."  I knew that if it was loose on him, it'd be disastrously loose on a grade school kid.  So off to the frog pond it went.  Happily Durwood is eager to help when I'm wrangling yarn from hank to ball or failed hat to ball, and this was 2 strands held togehter which makes it an even bigger challenge to frog and wind.  Since this yarn is from a mill ends bag none of the "skeins" are the same size, so I scrounged around to find a couple small pieces that made them a bit more even, tied (gasp!) them together, snipped off the last few feet of the long one, and got to work.  Between us we managed to turn a half-hat into this tidy ball of double-strand yarn.  It will become a hat again, just not right away.  I need to observe a suitable mourning period but, never fear, the Choco-Cherry hat will rise again, after all, there are mittens that need a matching hat.

January 15--Al Francekevich, Giant Key.  Setting goals and achieving them is the key to success.  That's what the sign over the building's front door said.  If it hadn't been so high up Micah would have spat on it.  He had been working hard, setting goals, and meeting them over and over for forty years.  He might as well have been spinning his wheels in mud for all the progress he had made.  Today was his last day at Amalgamated Widget.  He was the oldest middle manager in the place and he was tired.  Tired of the rat race.  Tired of kissing ass and sucking up and getting nowhere.  He was done.  He was going fishing.  Tomorrow.

Well, that's cheerful, isn't it?  Mrs. Boss was in yesterday and we played with the new POS together.  She was a bit iffy about it until I pointed out that 10 days into using the previous new POS system there was no way in hell we'd have been able to figure out what we wanted to do, do it, screw it up, and redo it without tearing our hair out, cussing a blue streak, and calling the tech.  This is better.  SO much better.  I get to do it again today.  Yippee.  I'm off.

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Aunt B said...

Before dawn you had nipped out and scampered back! That's enough exercise for one day and it wasn't even light yet!!! Sorry about the big hat. I bet it would have fit Paul. He does have a giant head.