Friday, January 16, 2015

All I Have Is One Mitten

Mrs. Boss was at work most of yesterday and we managed to get some POS (Point Of Sale) questions answered, hear about the next level of set-up and function (trust me, there's layers and layers of new things to learn), and go out to lunch.  We're both so strung out with the craziness of new POS after new POS (all that learning) we closed the store at noon and went to Happy Joe's for their lunchtime buffet of salad and pizza.  When we got back she waited on a (non-buying) customer while I got busy setting up the beginning of the Rental program which is waaaaay different from anything we used before.  That took me almost all of the rest of the day.  While I did that she went through the mounds of old files I'd weeded out when she was gone on her cruise, only returning four of them to the drawers but removing eight more in the process.  The recycling bin is well-fed and we've got a huge stack of those green hanging folders to find a place for.  I'm thinking bonfire. (Not really but it sounded smart-ass-ish so I went with it.  I'm a big fan of being a smart-ass.)
Once I got the first Rental set-up task done it was almost 4 PM, Mrs. Boss had left, so I got out my yarn and cast on a mitten.  I've had this yarn for a bit and thought it'd be perfect for kid mittens.  Not little kid mittens, medium-sized kid mittens, you know, 4th or 5th grade size kids.  I got the cuff done at work and then picked it up after supper to finish it.  I like it.  I'll get the other one made, maybe not today but for sure tomorrow, and then I've got some random yarn Lala gave me to make more.  I'm in a mitten mood, can you tell?

January 16--Al Cook, All Eggs in One Basket.  Donna looked at the mess.  It was such a waste, broken eggs spilled out of the basket with the broken handle.  Maybe she could scrape up most of the egg.  It'd be a chore to pick out all the shell but she couldn't stand to throw it all away.  The kids were hungry.  She and Tom were hungry too.  Mr.s Mason had given her the basket of eggs and the handle had broken as she'd walked in the door of their trailer.  Before the thought had been fully formed she was on her knees, spatula in hand, carefully easing the merely cracked eggs into a pie plate.  She'd pick out the shell fragments and scramble the rest with some chives from the yard.  Who would even know?

There are two books, two actual paper books with hard covers even, waiting for me at the library.  I think I'll run over and get them this morning.  The Attic Cafe & Books had a "Slow Reading Club" for a while in the fall, I never got there and now they're not having it anymore, but I like the idea and think I'll use these books to slow down to read and only do one thing at a time.  I'll probably have to plug in earbuds with music playing to help block out other temptations but I'm going to give it a whirl.  I need to remember how to single-task again.


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Aunt B said...

Reading a book and listening to music -- that's two things at a time! That POS thing sounds like far too much work to learn. Know you'll do it but it doesn't sound like fun.