Friday, January 23, 2015

The Light is Coming Back!

I know it's a gradual change but yesterday when I left work I realized that it was still light out at 5 PM.  Light!  When I was getting into my car to drive home!  It didn't last long but still, it was real, actual light.

We had a little company last night so I didn't get to my third fishtail swatch, that would take too much concentration which would be rude.  Instead I cast on the cuff of the other Pink & Fuzzy Mitten.  I love knitting with big yarn and big needles--it goes fast. I keep having to work at work so my daily knitting output has dropped off considerably.  I intend to change that this weekend.

The squirrel population has been very active this morning since I filled all the feeders but everything screeched to a halt when this guy flew in for a look-see.  He left dissatisfied but sure put a stop to the morning romp for a few minutes.  Not many birds yet.

January 23--Ron Sanford & Mike Agliolo, A Grip on the Future.  His hand feels like wires in mine, all sharp angles and cold.  We have to hold hands, they say.  We're supposed to be a team, a couple, but how anyone would ever believe that a flesh-and-blood girl like me would attach herself to a plastic-coated cyborg is beyond me.  I can pretend for the camera.  I'm not a bad actress but when the lights go out I am not crawling into bed with a guy made out of stainless steel and neoprene.

Today's the first day of my weekend and I'm looking forward to knitting and sewing for a few days, not doing chores.  We'll see how that goes.  Can you believe that there's only a week of January left?  I see the dates count up and I am amazed.

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