Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Sleeping Late

I slept all the way til 7:30, ahhhh.  It was almost light outside.  So luxurious.  I think the highest luxury was not having the alarms blare and catapult me out from between the warm and cozy sheets.

I did get a little knitting done yesterday.  I cast on BLKG Design Idea #1.  I didn't get any stitches knitted (because the stitch directions are for knitting flat and I want to knit in the round) but I'll be working on that little (and I do mean little) challenge today.  I grabbed the bag of cotton yarn, needles, and pattern to cast on a frog puppet for LC's toy box.  It's really a potholder pattern but she found the one that looks like a potholder so I put it on my hand and made it talk to her, she loves it so I thought I'd make one that looks less like a potholder and more like something that might talk to her.  I didn't have any green yarns that screamed "frog" to me so I'm using the light green (I wish it was more yellow green) and a green and brown variegated that DD gave me a while back held together so it'll be a spotty frog.  Next I have to figure out how to make a tongue in the mouth.  I might make a separate one so it flaps, that might be fun.  I foresee a bunch of frogging (ripping back) in my future.

Today Durwood and I are planning a little road trip up to Kugel's Cheese Mart in Lena.  We ran out  of Parmesan *gasp* and need more.  We think theirs is the best.  A person can't be out of Parm.  In the olden days when Durwood was coming home from Iron Mountain he'd call and say "I'm coming through Lena, what do we need from Kugel's?"  Plus we can use the drive.

January 31--Doug Fornuff, Sax Man.  The sound of the saxophone played by the guy in 4-B wormed its way down through the walls and stairways.  It spiraled through the pipes to gurgle out of the taps like a seductive voice.  Victoria lay in the half-dark of the living room/bedroom of her cramped apartment and let the music wash over her.  She felt the weight of the notes like pennies dropped from a roof.  Did the musician up there in his tiny room under the eaves even realize how his nightly serenade stitched up the frayed edges of her days?

It's the last day of January.  Can you believe it?  You realize that means we're that much closer to spring, right?  We're getting more light every day and it'll be getting warm sooner rather than later.  Woohoo!  I'm off to seek cheese.  Better get dressed first.

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Aunt B said...

I envy you that "cheese run". That place sounds wonderful. When I want some special cheese, all I have is Costco and somehow that doesn't seem as important as Kugel's. Can't wait to see your frog. You're going to have to go some to top that cute duck!!