Monday, January 19, 2015

Pink & Fuzzy

I did go downstairs to dig out some fuzzy, novelty yarn to carry along with the pink "hand" yarn of the mitten I made yesterday.  I like the way it looks, don't you?  Some not-too-little girl will love them, I hope.  I want to make the other one so I can drop off the three pairs I'll have at the elementary school later this week.  It's too cold to be without mittens, even though the temps have been up near or above freezing the last few days and will be the same for a couple more.  Our paltry snow cover is melting around trees and places where it's thin.  It looks ragged and sloppy.  Ah, winter in Green Bay is so glamorous.  Not.

A different squirrel decided that peanuts make a good breakfast.  See how it's kind of sitting on the side of the wreath?  The regular peanut-eating squirrel sits boldly up on top of the crook with its back to us, this one's kind of sitting side-saddle.  You can see in the background how the snow's melted.

From the little of the game I saw yesterday it seemed to me that the Packers never really got it together.  I guess too many of them were playing hurt.  But we all know I'm not any kind of football fan so what do I know.  There's always next year, and think of all the other teams that didn't even make it that far.  See?  Totally not a fan.

January 19--Glen Wexler, Snarling Rottweiler.  Globe was growling low in his throat.  Rae felt his body tremble as he pressed his flank to her leg.  She reached down and hooked her fingers through his collar before deciding whether or not to go to the door.  It wasn't very late.  She looked at the clock, only 6:15, darkness was falling.  She had a wild thought, "who would ring the doorbell during Jeopardy!?"  Globe growled again, staring at the front door, and Rae took a step but the big dog didn't move.  Glass broke and a hand reached in to open the locks.  She slipped her fingers out of Globe's collar and whispered, "go."

It's a work day.  It's a payday.  This week I have my normal schedule then there're 2 weeks of working 4 days while Mrs. Boss is off in Fiji.  Keep thinking of the nice fat paychecks you'll get, Barbara, don't whine about working extra days.  Take lots of knitting.  I'm off.  Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

Oh, that Packer game!! I'm slowly getting over the funk I was in and trying to think happy thoughts about next year. So many unhappy fans. Bet your brother and SIL are just like me.