Sunday, February 1, 2015


Our trip to Kugel's was a success.  It was an overcast and damp cold kind of day for a drive but there were hawks in the highway-side trees all the way up and back.  Evidently it was a good day for hunting mice and voles in the ditches.

We laid in a year's supply (5 wedges) of Parmesan.  As soon as I get the KitchenAid grater attachment from the basement and fetch the mixer from the cupboard Durwood can get started making these wedges into shreds and I can go back to heaping that salty, cheesy goodness onto my food.  We each also picked one other kind of cheese to get; his is Muenster and mine is Cheddar with Olives.  Both excellent choices.  After picking up a 2# wedge of Gouda at Sam's on the way home (all they had at Kugel's was the smoked kind and neither of us are fans) we are a well-cheesed household again.  And, remember, it's Super Bowl day so we get to snack.  There will be meatballs in some savory sauce to spear, cheeses to nibble, some Chex Mix to amend with more Gardetto's garlic rounds, and maybe a few other delicacies... how about some baby carrots with hummus to dip as a slight nod to healthy eating?  Yeah, I can go for that, I'll whip up some hummus when I'm done here.  Oh, funny thing, at Kugel's they had a clear plastic container filled with cheese curds, bite size meat sticks, and a small handful of string cheese that was labelled "Northwoods Trail Mix."  There was only one in the cooler so it must be a big seller.  It'd be perfect to munch on in the car.

It's windy today.  W.I.N.D.Y.  So windy there're whitecaps on the birdbath, well, almost.  With any luck I won't have to go out today.

February 1--Larry Hamill, Currencyscape.  In her dream the world was made from money.  Penny leaves dangled from trees made of rolled bills, stacks of coins were the walls of houses with bills as windows, even the roads were paved with paper money, the dead presidents stoically staring at the undersides of passing cars.  Clarice watched herself run from building to building trying to peel Benjamins from walls and breaking fingernails stripping five-dollar-bill bark from the trees.  It was a quiet world except for her rapid breathing.  She woke with a start, her fingers curled into claws.

Now I'm off to knit.  Really.  Today I really mean it.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll make hummus too, I won't forget.


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