Monday, February 2, 2015

Look What The Wind Blew In

First the wind blew out the garbage can; I had to rescue it from the middle of the yard and stick it behind the wooden patio chair and it still toppled over.  Then the wind flipped the rug off the step out the patio doors and crumpled it by the birdseed cans (I left it there), but the worst was the wild swinging the Menopausal Goddess endured.  (this is her in warmer, greener times)  The wind snatched her piece of red glass from her outstretched hand and flung it into the snow, then it whirled her around so much that I got out a step stool and took her down for now.  If she twirls too much she breaks her swivel, falls down, and bends herself, then JJ has to take her to work to flatten her out and fix her attachment point and all his coworkers razz him for fixing a piece of metal shaped like a naked lady.  It's safer if she spends a little time propped behind the grill when the wind gets like this.

The wind also blew away all the thick clouds, leaving us with blue skies but also taking the temp right now down to 4 degrees with a "feels like" temp of -8.  The birdbath needed topping up and was rimmed with frost before I added the water.  Brrrr.  How dirty do birds have to feel to bathe in this kind of freezing weather?  Maybe they'll just get a drink.  

I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out how to chart my design idea, without any luck.  I ended up just writing it out.  It wasn't a difficult task since most of it's a 3 stitch repeat around each round.  I did my share of erasing (thank god for those stick erasers with lots of eraser in the stick) but I managed to get a couple rounds knitted in the evening.  There're a lot of stitches in a round, this better be right.

February 2--Paul Tillinghast, Cords.  The voice came from under the corner desk.  "Someone should invent a way to label these cords or at least make them in different colors for different uses."  Naomi's feet shifted and she barked her shin on the desk leg.  "Ouch, dammit.  Ryan, find me a flashlight, will you, please?  It's dark enough down here and every stupid cable is black."  A well-manicured hand waved out the knee hole feeling for the light.  Ryan handed her a small LED flashlight.  "Naomi, why don't I call that computer guy who lives around the corner?  I see his van every day when I come home from work."  "No," she said, "I can figure this out.  Ahchoo!"  Her sneeze was violent enough that she smacked her head on the floor.  "Dammit."  "Bless you," Ryan said as he grabbed her ankles and dragged her out into the light.  "I'm calling the computer neighbor guy before you inhale any more dust and cobwebs."  "Cobwebs?  You mean there are spiders in there?  Help me up."  She grabbed his wrist in a death grip and hauled herself to her feet, swiping her hands over her hair and clothing to chase away any lingering arachnids.

A-a-and it's time to shower and dress for work.  Payday!  One more week of working 4 days in a row and Mrs. Boss is back... for a while. This traveling jag of hers is past feeling like too much.  Stay warm.

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Aunt B said...

I'm still in a state of shock over the Super Bowl. And now all the months ahead with no football at all!!! At least there's Downton Abbey and pretty soon Mad Men will be back. I'm a slave to the TV!!!